The Colorado Trail: Part 5

Tuesday, August 4th, 2020

The night was so silent, my ears were ringing. My feet were pretty blistered, and per usual, I had toenails about to pop off. Otherwise, I was feeling alright. We were heading into Breckenridge soon, and I was craving some hot, town food. It was mostly down hill today through pines.

We passed by a few hikers, and got excited when a bear was slowly wandering down the trail towards us. He was adorable! We also saw what I believe was a kennel for sled dogs. They howled loudly as we walked by. We figured Mr. Clean was long gone, but ran into him at a water source. He was going to be taking a zero day in Breckenridge, so we were happy to see him again in case he didn’t catch up to us later.

There were a few climbs, a few mountain bikers to dodge, some views of Breckenridge, and a lot of wildflowers as we made our way to the bottom where the trail intersected with the highway. Our hike ended at mile 104.1 near a bus stop. From there, we hopped on a bus into town.

Breckenridge was total chaos and I wasn’t planning on sticking around. I was pleased with how well people were following mask guidelines, however there were too many humans! After we inhaled some cheeseburgers, free of charge thanks to the kind owner of the restaurant, we said goodbye to Mr. Clean and took the bus to Frisco. Frisco was cheaper, quieter, had fewer humans. It also had a dispensary. Frisbee was stoked! It wasn’t our initial plan, but we ended up getting a room for the night. We didn’t want to book one, but we had a huge climb tomorrow and there didn’t appear to be any places to pitch a tarp before the summit. We’d learn the following day that we were mistaken.

18.4 miles (29.6 km)

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