The Colorado Trail: Part 22

Sunday, August 23rd, 2020

Zeroooooo!!! We already had the room booked for the night since we arrived a day early yesterday, so we were going to enjoy our time exploring Silverton. It’s a very, very small town, but there was a lot going on. First thing, first, breakfast. We got food at the “Bent Elbow.” We haven’t been eating indoors and most of our hitches have either been with Dr. Thunder or in the beds of trucks. It’s COVID times. However, there wasn’t anyplace open with outdoor seating to our knowledge and this place came highly recommended. We were the first people there. We were also the only people there aside from the staff, so we felt good about that. The only other people that showed up popped in just as we were paying the check. The food was good! After receiving it, I think I scared the waitress. But, she followed it up with some laughs. Frisbee said something funny which made me choke on my food. You can’t cough in public like you used to.

I told the waitress, “I’m sorry! I swear I’m not sick! He made me laugh and I’m choking!”

She glanced a Frisbee, “Now, why would you go and do that?”

We caught word that the guys finally arrived! We met them at the “Kendall Mountain Cafe,” and were immediately jealous when we saw what they were eating. The had mounds of blueberry pancakes, with real blueberries, and generous portions of bacon and eggs with toast. Their breakfast looked amazing! There was no debating where we were eating tomorrow morning! We gave them the tour around town before we all headed to the General Store to see what resupply was available.

We had to check back in since we had booked a different room. The guys ended up getting the one we stayed at last night. Soon enough, the Babysitters Club joined us. The girls weren’t staying the night, but they wanted to get town food and resupply before they returned. They got food at “Avalanche Brewery.” I can’t stop eating, so I told them I would eat what they didn’t finish. Then we all went to “Coffee Bear “for some beverages. We all spent some time lounging on the rooftop before the girls left us.

We relaxed, ate gas station pizza, then returned to “Avalanche Brewery” later at night to meet up with the guys. They ordered beer, pizza and wings. We talked with Dr. Thunder about our plans after the trail. Filter and him were debating heading out to California to hike the High Sierra Route or the John Muir Trail. Dr. Thunder was willing to give us a ride out west. We suddenly were questioning if we would prefer hiking the Tahoe Rim Trail instead of fulfilling our original plan of walking the Great Allegheny Passage closer to home. It was very tempting. We were already out here, why not go just a little further to hike a more scenic trail? We would have to think it over before it came time to make a decision.

After locating Filter, then re-locating him again (he was a few beers deep and was being a social butterfly), we wandered around town to check out the cool architecture. We also went to see the barren train station. It has been inactive since COVID began. We had a lot of fun exploring the town. It was so peaceful at night.

0 miles (0 km)

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