The Colorado Trail: Part 24

Tuesday, August 25th, 2020

Poo panic mode! There were very limited places to poop that were convenient. Everything was on a steep angle, and you would be tumbling a long way down if you lost your footing. This wasn’t the issue though. I lost my phone. I wasn’t sure if my phone went tumbling down the hill, if I somehow managed to bury it in the cat hole, or if I simply misplaced it somewhere. I went all the way back to the scene of the crime before I realized I had just put it in a different place than I normally do. Silly me.

All was back to normal. We hiked over Blackhawk Pass then along ridges just below tree line. The views were awesome. We heard and saw thunderstorms nearby, but we somehow managed to stay behind it all day. We were cold, but remained dry and missed a lot of rain and hail. We approached stretches of trail sprinkled white with tiny hail balls. We had some climbs over boulder fields, but it was mostly ridge walking.

At one point, we were hiking downhill and could see an abandoned building across from us. We likely would have tried to get inside had we not been so lucky with the weather today. Beautiful Taylor Lake was down below. A lot of people had already set up shop. We decided to keep hiking until it got dark. Over summits, through sliderock traverse, and all the way to a dirt road at mile 465.9. It had been a cold and dreary day, but we tackled exactly 30 miles. We were happy to be done.

30.0 miles (48.3 km)

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