My trail name is Stubbs (due to being stubborn and vertically challenged). I love to hike and travel so much that I’d like to make a living out of it (one can dream, eh?). I previously wrote for “The Trek” (formerly, “Appalachian Trials”), and I’ve reached Maine’s summit (Mount Katahdin) during my second Appalachian Trail (AT) thru hike attempt with my husband and best friend after a pelvic fracture forced me off trail in 2016.

I’ve already been on a number of road tripping adventures, more notably, our cross-country trip living in a van down by the river. And we took a three-month adventure abroad throughout Nepal, India and Southeast Asia.

Just this year, we started a spontaneous thru hike of the Florida Trail, completed our Arizona Trail thru hike, and worked on bridging the gaps of the Eastern Continental Trail (ECT) by thru hiking the Pinhoti Trail to the Benton MacKaye Trail, all the way back to Springer Mountain. We’re currently back home, saving some much needed cash money for our next expedition. What do we have in mind? Currently, we’re planning to thru hike the Long Trail in Vermont later this summer, completing the ECT and our Florida thru in the winter, and next year, we want to thru hike the Continental Divide Trail.