AT FAQ: With Answers That Are Shorter Than This Blog Title, Maybe

Maybe you are sick of answering the same questions over and over again. Maybe you want to know for yourself, and don’t want to read paragraph after paragraph. Here are some of my answers to those common questions. Most questions are serious, others are seriously comical!


An A.T. Bucket List: Are Any of These on Your Trail Agenda?

Just a few things you might want to do while hiking the Appalachian Trail this year!

Take The Side Trail: Hike the A.T. While Enjoying Some Thrills on the Side

Have some extra money for splurging? Want to get a small dose of the days of old when you were one with society? It doesn’t have to be all work and no play! Make the most of your thru hike by participating in some extra thrills, enjoyment, and activities that exist along the way!

7 Reasons Thru Hikes Fail and How to Prevent Defeat

There are numerous reasons why people quit their thru hike. Sometimes it can be prevented. Here are some reasons why people fail and how to prevent and avoid these pitfalls.