Pt 37 – Noodle Arms, Fuzzy Man Panties & Sage Grouse

Thursday, May 23rd – Friday, May 24th, 2013

We had just arrived at the Grand Teton National Park and took a pit stop at the Moose Junction Visitor Center, where we watched the park film after visiting the gift shop. Spoiler alert: the film ended with the curtains drawn looking out the window at the actual Tetons. Great ending!

Trevor is feeling a little better so he takes the wheel. We arrived in Jackson, WY, and parked the van at Miller Park. We were famished, so we grabbed some turkey wraps at “Town Square Tavern”. We checked out all the shops downtown and finally got some bear mace which we would soon be needing (we were almost in Grizzly Bear country). Trevor was feeling dizzy again so we took a break at one of the restaurants so he could rehydrate.

photo-642Once he was comfortable walking again, we headed to “Teton Mountaineering” and one of the girls working there told us about free camping in Curtis Canyon, where to get free showers, and where a good juice bar was located. We drove down the road to “Jackson Whole Grocer” (Very punny!), where the recommended juice bar was. The girl working there also suggested we camp at Curtis Canyon. On our way out, we watched as a Raven was flying away with a raw chicken breast from the parking lot, and almost dropped it on someone’s car.


We were off to Curtis Canyon to see if it was as awesome as all the locals were saying, and it was! The views were stunning! We decided to take it slow the next day so Trevor could adjust to the altitude. We lounged around the van before watching the sunset over the Tetons.

We visited Teton Village to check out the ski resort, but there wasn’t much going on there aside from construction (it was off season).


We returned to Jackson where we grabbed some groceries at “Jackson Whole Grocer,” some bread at “The Bunnery,” visited the library, then made lunch.

After we ate, we drove to Phil Baux Park where there was an outdoor bouldering gym. Trevor kept calling me ‘Mr. Burns.’ I have weak arms. We met a mustached gentleman who was originally from Maryland, not far from where we lived who was setting up grabs. I admired a girl who was doing rounds on the gym; she made it look easy. I’m not good at bouldering. I’m actually really bad at it. After giving up, I played fetch with a dog that kept bringing me a stick, although I wasn’t exactly sure who’s dog it was, as Trevor kept climbing.

We drank coffee and surfed the web at “Cowboy Coffee” before walking around town, and returning to Curtis Canyon.

I don’t even want to know what sort of person would purchase these. Actually, I do.

It was Memorial Day Weekend, so we enjoyed the view as we watched many others drive by to claim a camping spot. Trevor hung out outside while I spent the evening in the van as it started to get dark. I heard a strange noise that sounded like a horse sputtering. I panicked for a second thinking that it might be a bear or a moose, but it ended up just being a Sage Grouse flapping its wings.

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