The Arizona Trail: Part 17

Sunday, April 7th, 2019

Gnat would pass our tent early in the morning per usual. She was an early riser. After we broke down camp, Rosey would walk by too. We’d run back into him at the water source. He followed behind us for a little bit as a bird ran into Frisbee’s leg, which scared the hell out of him. It might have been injured, but was able to fly a short distance, enough to get off of the ground.

We’d walk through grasses and become reacquainted with trees. There was water everywhere! A good change from the dry section we just completed yesterday.

We slowly worked our way up to the saddle. The grasses were so tall, we couldn’t see the trail ahead of us. In some stretches, I couldn’t see much of anything, since the grasses were occasionally taller than me.

We ran back into Gnat who seemed to have more energy than me. The heat was pretty brutal, even after soaking our shirts in cold water before the climb.

Once we reached the top, we made our way down forest roads covered in slippery pea gravel. We were finally entering the infamous Superstition Wilderness, which we heard is both beautiful and rugged.

The trail took us to Rogers Trough trailhead where we took a lunch break. Gnat and Rosey would join us. The Superstitions had trees, which I suddenly realized I had been missing. It smelled wonderful!

We encouraged Gnat and Rosey to join us at Reavis Ranch for the night. Gnat had went with her original trail name since her actual name was Natalie, Nat for short. We renamed her that night. The girl has a ton of energy, but only eats baby food. Her new name is Gerber. She approved.

23.4 miles (37.7 km)

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