Pt 3 – Bird People, 7-11’s & Massaman Curry

Friday, January 29th, 2016

We still haven’t had our fill of Chiang Mai, but decided to switch from the hotel to a cheaper stay at the A-Rak Hostel near the temple. I’m still struggling to get my bearings and hoped to find better things to do besides walking around the same familiar streets.

We ate green curry and pad see ew at the “Coffee Corner Kitchen” before taking a long walk to a waterfall which took us passed the cat cafe, the zoo and under a decorative gateway.


Trevor accidentally broke off one of the wands the bird people were holding, so we slowly crept away from the scene hoping no-one noticed. Sorry Thailand! On our way to Huaykeaw Waterfall in the Dow Suthep-Pui National Park, we walked passed monks, stray dogs and vendors selling edible insect snacks. We cooled off by the waterfall before visiting a nearby monastery.


Upon our return to the Nimman neighborhood, we grabbed more beer at the “Kamrai Shop.” I asked the clerk where we could find a good vegetarian restaurant and he gave us directions in broken English telling us to make a right at the 7-11 and go to the 2nd floor. We did, and we found ourselves at a gym, so we decided to walk a little further. We backtracked and found ourself in front of another 7-11 (there are a whole bunch of them over here)! This was the one the clerk was trying to direct us to, because we found the “Anchan Restaurant” on the second floor like he said.

It was a small establishment and we were very lucky to find a seat in the place which was packed full of people and had two of the limited tablespaces already reserved for later. That was the first time I ever ate Massaman Curry and it was to die for! We topped it all off with a few beers before returning to the hostel.


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